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Ziv Sade was born in Kibbutz Afikim, Israel, a small town in the northern part of
the country. At the young age of just ten years old, Sade discovered his passion for
photography. He describes his first camera as “love at first sight.” He soon became the
videographer for his middle school and furthered his interest in photography classes
where he learned darkroom developing techniques.
Sade’s passion continued on throughout the years. This eagerness to create
culminated when Sade self-funded not one or even two, but three art shows in Tel-Aviv.
These shows were highly critically acclaimed and garnered Sade much national attention.
Not long after he would be working with Time Out magazine. The magazine quickly took
him under their wing and he soon became the magazine lead portrait and editorial
photographer. Sade held this title for nearly five years until he chose to continue his
global travels.
By the time Sade was twenty-four, he had opened his own studio, Studio Ziv
Sade, in Tel-Aviv. His studio went on to be a safe haven for controversial imagery that
Israel had not been afforded prior. The studio also became a creative hub for all types of
artists to express themselves like never before. During this time Sade fully realized his
sexuality and became a prominent figure in the LGBT community. He used his own self-
discovery to bring attention to this community as well as other minorities. In his
photographs, Sade chooses to work with clients who want to portray a message. He often
likes to emphasize the connection between human and emotion, ultimately to make a
Working with high-end clients, fashion magazines, and numerous ad campaigns,
Sade has gained the reputation as being one of the most sought after photographers in the
Israeli community. He has had the honor of working with everyone from musicians,
actors, and even politicians, to name a few. In 2012, due to his success, Sade got his first
fully sponsored solo exhibition through a grant from the city of Holon, Israel. It housed
over a hundred large prints spread all throughout a prominent art space. Sade’s showing
once again gained vast media attention further solidifying his name as a photographer. In
2015, Sade achieved international success when Madonna selected one of his photos. She
used a photo deemed “tendentious” to advertise her Rebel Heart tour.
Sade has had the privilege of documenting life in Israel, Spain, England, Africa, and even Los Angeles. Through his life and travel, Sade has stayed true to his central
theme of showing the beauty of different cultures. He hopes in his efforts to present new
aesthetics of beauty and mystery to the world. He plans to continue to travel the globe in
order to find new and exciting muses to continue to ignite his flame of inspiration.

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