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Internationally acclaimed creator Ziv Sade embarked on his professional journey in Tel Aviv, Israel, beginning as a self-taught photographer at the age of 19. With a bold, courageous, and thought-provoking approach, he made his mark in the fashion, advertising, and editorial industries, collaborating with top publications, celebrities, and brands in Israel, becoming one of the most sought-after photographers in the country.

At 23, Ziv established his own creative space, quickly transforming it into a thriving hub for creatives, makeup artists, fashion designers, and stylists. During his time in Israel, he curated six exhibitions, including the country's largest exhibit, showcasing 70 diverse expressions ranging from portraits to street photos captured across Africa, Spain, France, and Israel.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles at 29, Ziv continued to expand his professional horizons, working with editorial publications, brands, and companies to create captivating and dynamic imagery and videos. He also pursued personal editorial projects, furthering his technical expertise and embracing technological advancements such as AI and motion graphics.


A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Ziv Sade. The model is Isaiah Harmison.

A beautiful feature on Desire Home Magazine

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Ziv Sade. The model is Alexander Jackson. Fashion by Mugler, Dollskill, Anoeses, Onlymaker, The Pack Underwear and Ravewonderland.

Ziv Sade's photographs of LGBTQ+ people in Orange County, California explore the concept of queerness.

Lizzo’s Hairstylist, Shelby Swain, on the Art and Politics of Baby Hair

Tyson Beckford Tells Us His Secret to Looking Young — and It’s Super Simple (Exclusive)

PRIDE L.A. 2019

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